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  •  ... in Austria there is, in total 172,000 wood processing companies?
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  •  ... in Carinthia 61.3 per cent of the land area is covered in forest?
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  •  ... Austria is the 7th biggest sawn producer in the world?
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  • ... the toy MATADOR is the same age as HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER?


  • ... the largest wooden roller coaster in the world measures 60 m at its highest point?


  • ... wood constantly strives to match its moisture content with the ambient climate? >more


  • ... wood has a psycho physiological effect?



  • ... a single tree produces up to 1200 litres of oxygen per hour?

  • ... in our forests, enough wood grows every 40 seconds to build a family house?   


  • ... the tallest solid wooden building in Europe is in London?


  • ... the oldest tree in the world is in Sweden and is almost 10,000 years old?


  • ...a sports car made entirely out of wood can reach a top speed of 190 km/h?



HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER steigt in die BSP-Produktion in Stall im Mölltal ein


Takeover of the company "ÖKOHAUS Systembau" in Stall/Mölltal and "Buchacher Holzleimbau" in Hermagor. The group HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER now has seven locations with approximately 900 employees.

ÖKOHAUS Systembau
Buchacher Holzleimbau


HASSLACHER Holding GmbH is the umbrella organisation for all companies of the group HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER.


HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER takes over the site Preding/Stmk. of LEITINGER timber industry as well as its subsidiary in Malaya Vishera, Russia. The group now has six locations and 850 employees.
HASSLACHER takes on a share of 35% of the sawmilling and formwork panel plant of the Slovenian timber company LIP BLED d.o.o.

LIP BLED d.o.o.


Acquisition of Kogler Holz GmbH. With the third facility in Liebenfels, the consortium achieves a yearly cutting capacity of 1,000,000 bank meters of round wood.

Logistik Terminal


After 50 years, Herbert Kulterer hands over the company to his sons. Christoph Kulterer takes over the majority of the industrial operations; Stefan Kulterer takes over the forestry.
Expansion of electricity generation with a second Biomass CHP plant.

Transfer of enterprise to the sons
New CHP plant


Redevelopment of the new glued wood production with an annual capacity of more than 65,000 m³ in Sachsenburg.

Noritec glued wood facility


The NORITEC glued wood production site in Stall/Mölltal is destroyed by a devastating fire.


HASSLACHER Energie GmbH is founded.


100 years Hasslacher and management takeover by son Christoph Kulterer
Begin of the glued wood production by founding of the company NORITEC in Stall in the Möll valley


The Hasslacher Fernwärme Versorgung for the supply of district heating is founded in autumn. Sachsenburg and Möllbrücke are supplied with district heating.


Purchase of the company "Gebrüder Feltrinelli Drauland Holzindustrie GmbH" with two sawmills in Arnoldstein and in St. Veit an der Glan. As a result, the largest sawmill group in Carinthia is created which in turn  is one of the ten largest sawmill companies in Austria.
On the 9th April (Maundy Thursday) fire disaster – destruction of the sawmill hall and office room. Reconstruction with the latest technologies and increase of capacity by more than 100%.

Fire disaster
Fire disaster
Fire disaster
Resumption of business


HASSLACHER Holzzentrum GmbH is founded and a timber shop is built.


Fitting-out with wood shavings equipment and a flexible follow-up bandsaw. Capacity of approx. 130,000 bank meter/year by single-shift operation

Cutting line
Follow-up bandsaw


Constant adaption to new technologies, expansion of the drying capacity, building of the new planing plant, extension of the company's site, building of a new large tier sorting and round wood sorting plant

Tier sorting


The cardboard plant in Spittal/Drau is closed down. Expansion of the power plant on the river Lieser.


Jakob Haßlacher hands over his forest land and industrial enterprise in the valley Drau to his grandson. DI Herbert Kulterer, aged 22 takes over management of the company J. Hasslacher, Holzindustrie in Sachsenburg with the associated cardboard plant in Spittal an der Drau.

DI Herbert Kulterer


Jakob Haßlacher purchases all shares of the company "Brüder Hasslacher in Hermagor" and hands over this business to his son Dr. Herbert Haßlacher.



Purchase of the cardboard plant Leykam in Spittal an der Drau with the intention of establishing a fibre board plant. Expansion of the cardboard plant and establishment of an electrical power plant after the war.

Cardboard plant Leykam
Power plant in Spittal
J. Haßlacher and sons
J. Haßlacher and fellowship


Jakob Haßlacher purchases large areas of woodland near Oberdrauburg and in the Lesach valley from the former owner of Lordship Porcia.

Consortium saw
Wood supply in winter


Jakob and Franz Haßlacher found the company Brüder Hasslacher & Co in Hermagor and purchase the Porcian dominion Grünburg near Hermagor.

Jakob und Franz Haßlacher
First endless-rope haulage system
Gschmeidler inn
Gschmeidler inn
Jakob and Lina Haßlacher


Founding of the "NORICA"-reg. consortium as a sales organisation for more than 200 sawmills in Carinthia. As the Chairman, Jakob Haßlacher, together with his brother Franz leads this consortium to great significance within the whole of the Austrian timber industry of the time.

Founding members
Consortium certificate


Jakob Haßlacher takes over the property and the sawmill of his deceased father in law, which he gradually expands.

Jakob Haßlacher
Gschmeidler sawmill


Founding of the company Jakob Haßlacher OHG in order to run a wood sanding business in Feistritz near Sachsenburg by the hill farmer son Jakob Haßlacher (eldest son of 19 children) together with his father.

Jakob Haßlacher mit Familie
Plan der Holzschleiferei