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  •  ... in Austria there is, in total 172,000 wood processing companies?
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  •  ... in Carinthia 61.3 per cent of the land area is covered in forest?
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  •  ... Austria is the 7th biggest sawn producer in the world?
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  • ... the toy MATADOR is the same age as HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER?


  • ... the largest wooden roller coaster in the world measures 60 m at its highest point?


  • ... wood constantly strives to match its moisture content with the ambient climate? >more


  • ... wood has a psycho physiological effect?



  • ... a single tree produces up to 1200 litres of oxygen per hour?

  • ... in our forests, enough wood grows every 40 seconds to build a family house?   


  • ... the tallest solid wooden building in Europe is in London?


  • ... the oldest tree in the world is in Sweden and is almost 10,000 years old?


  • ...a sports car made entirely out of wood can reach a top speed of 190 km/h?



HASSLACHER PREDING Holzindustrie GmbH in Preding

A-8504 Preding 225
Phone +43 3185 8623-0
Fax +43 3185 8623-15


HASSLACHER PREDING Holzindustrie GmbH distinguishes itself by its extensive product range. Planed goods, GLT-checked solid wood for construction, pallets and pellets are produced at the Preding site. Most of the sawn timber required for processing comes in equal amounts from the sawmill at Preding and from our own facilities in Carinthia.


approx. 190

Drying capacity 

160.000 m³

Planed goods

60.000 m³

Solid wood for construction / GLT

85.000 m³


850.000 pp


50.000 t